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Accessories are items are not visible on the character, but provide bonuses while equipped. Many Accessories are magical items that increase a character's Attributes, skills, or defenses. Every character has two slots dedicated to wearing Accessory items.

List of accessories[edit | edit source]

Unique accessories[edit | edit source]

Accessory Effect Notes
Vigiliant: +5% Health while has wounds.
Flame Proof: Immunity to Burning.
Ethereal: +15% Graze deflection
Dampening: +10% Magic defense
Thorns: When critically hit, deal 1-10 Pierce damage to enemies in 6m radius.
Kills-in-Shadow only
Form: +1 Vitality.
Cursed: +10% Damage, -1% Health every 3s while above 35% Health.
Unbound: Immunity to Paralyzed
Sigil of Emotion: +10 to Control Emotions
Frenzy: -15% Recovery time if Wounded.
Veteran: Increases skill experience gain.
Charred: +10 Armor against Fire.
Of Legends: +10 Lore
Wise: +10% Will Defense

Lantry only
Purifying: Immunity to Poisoned
Brawler's: +4 Unarmed damage
Grace: +1 Finesse.
Sigil of Stone: +10 Control Stone
Wise: +10% Will defense
Entertainer: +15 Performance skill
Sirin only
Regenerating: +1% Health every 6s
Sigil of Life: +10 Control Life
Tenacity: +2 Resolve.
Sigil of Fire: +10 Control Fire
Potency II: +2 Might
Grace: +2 Finesse.
Brilliance: +2 Wits.
Form: +2 Vitality.
Tenacity: +2 Resolve.
Haste: +2 Quickness.
Frozen Burst: When critically hit, deal 16-24 Frost damage to enemies in 2.5m radius.
Courage: Immunity to Frightened and Terrified.
Warming: +10 Armor against Frost.
Savage: +15% Damage while has wounds
Sharp: +5% Hit Precision
Vigor: +20 Max Health
Lucky: +5% Hit Precision, 5% Critical Deflection
Blindsight: Immunity to Blinded
Form: +1 Vitality.
Spell Reflection: Reflect 20% of incoming hostile spells back at their casters.
Hardy: +10% Endurance Defense
Sigil of Lightning: +10 Control Lightning
Arbitration: +5 to all skills
Of Secrets: +10 Trap Detection
Blood of the Fallen:
Range: 15m
Projectiles: 24
Radius: 6m
Foe AoE vs. Endurance: +13.8 Corrode damage
Nighthunter: +20% Damage at night. Kills-in-Shadow only
Balancing Act: +10% Damage while Health above 50%, -10% Damage taken if Health below 50%
Haste: +1 Quickness.
Of Rogues: +10 Subterfuge
Greater Potency: +3 Might
Greater Grace: +3 Resolve
Greater Brilliance: +3 Wits
Greater Form: +3 Vitality
Greater Tenacity: +3 Finesse
Greater Haste: +3 Quickness
Wise: +10% Will defense
Goring: +100% Hit Precision on targets below 35% health
Preying: +1% Damage for every 1% of missing Health
Hindering: -20% Move Speed.

Kills-in-Shadow only
Entropic: +1 Armor Penetration on Critical Hit
Sigil of Atrophy: +10 Control Atrophy
Elusive: +10 Dodge
Of Legends: +10 Lore
Parrying: +10 Parry
Brilliance: +1 Wits
Tenacity: +1 Resolve
Of Secrets: +10 Trap Detection
Unlocks additional research options at the Library
Regenerating: +1% Health every 6s
Hydromancy: +15 Tidecasting
Eb only
Tenacity: +1 Resolve.
Of Warriors: +10 Athletics
Sigil of Force: +10 Control Force

(Tales from the Tiers)
Stone Skin: When used: Petrified for 18s, +3 Armor for 20s, immunity to Petrified for 20s

(Tales from the Tiers)
Covert: (Passive) -10% Recovery Time for 20s, Requires Stealth

(Tales from the Tiers)
Frozen Sentinel: When used: Targets Taunted for 9.4s in a 2.5m radius. Save vs. Will. Allies: +5 Armor for 10s, Paralyzed and Frozen for 9.4s

(Tales from the Tiers)
Optics: +15 Accuracy against distant enemies, +10% to critical damage multiplier

(Tales from the Tiers)
Devouring: +15% Health per kill

(Bastard's Wound)
Lucky: +5% critical hit deflection and hit precision
Safe Landing: Immunity to Prone

(Bastard's Wound)
Conductive: +15% Shock Damage on hit and on abilities and spells

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Accessory Effect Notes
Regent's Pride: +3 Resolve
Steadfast Stand: Grant nearby allies resolve and an increased resistance to being knocked prone or pushed back. These effects scale with the Renown.
Balance the Scales: -10% Critical Hit Damage taken; +5% Hit Precision on weapon critical hit.
Tipping the Scales: Create a pulsing effect around the wearer that reduces enemy Accuracy and afflicts foes with random hostile effects. Accuracy modifiers scale with artifact's renown.
Ardent Ward: -75% of all damage taken for 8s.
Force of Peace: When activated, the wearer of Banner of Ardent is granted a damage absorption shield and any enemy who attacks them is Paralyzed. These effects scale with the Banner of Ardent's renown.