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General data
RoleDaughter and traitor to the North
FactionsDisfavored (formerly)
QuestsMaking a Stand

Amelia is a character in Tyranny.

Background[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Archon Graven Ashe, Amelia has her father's stubborn persistence. She is an excellent fighter, though more brazen and eager to test herself on the field of battle. Though Ashe has objected to this disposition in the past, but it seems as integral to her being as the very breath she draws. The last several years, Graven Ashe was a far better General to her than a father - and he couldn't make it up to her, as she went missing in action during the last year of the Conquest. Due to the effect of the Aegis, Ashe knows she's alive - but doesn't know where.

Amelia always demanded that the legion treat her like an ordinary soldier whenever possible, though in truth she was far from ordinary. Though she's not an Archon like Ashe, she's vicious with a sword, and good with her troops. Ratvik sparred with her outside of the Bastard City, and almost lost an ear for his trouble. Amelia would prove even more extraordinary when she was captured by Stalwart Regents. Treated fairly by her captors, Amelia eventually fell in love with Straydus the Younger, and had a daughter with him, prolonging the Regent bloodline. With time, she converted to Stalwart's banner, believing in its noble culture, and started to genuinely believe that Kyros' plan of conquest was wrong - and her father's surrender to Kyros a rejection of all Northern values. Values she found again in the defiant people of Stalwart.[1]

They took her unit in a night ambush - killed the lookout and overwhelmed the rest before they could stage an organized counterattack. When they took Amelia prisoner, she was the picture of disobedience the entire time, and paid back much of the Northern blood they had spilled. Rather than kill her, they locked her up behind the walls of Sentinel Stand in isolation. She gave them no lack of trouble, so they left her to my cell. Straydus the Younger, the Regent's son, he visited almost every day to check in and make sure her every need was seen to. It was a shock, as she didn't expect civility from the South. She wished she could warn off her Disfavored comrades, but the Edict hit and Straydus was killed in combat. The Regent comforted her in their isolation. They had both lost the man we loved. And in no time at all, she realized that she was carrying his grandchild...[2]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character is involved in quests.

Making a Stand

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Making a Stand: Amelia is encountered at the end of the quest, revealing that she has sided with the Regents... And has given the last Regent an heir. Her child continues the bloodline of the Regents and as Straydus dies, you are faced with a choice. You can kill her and then strangle the baby in her crib. Or, with Lore 65, you can state that she can abdicate her title and end the Edict. Fatebinder Rhogalus can also provide a solution.

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