Annal Sects

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Annal Sects
BKG VX1 AR 1202 Lantry House.jpg
Quest data
LocationLantry's HideawayIndigo Fields
Given ByLantry, Act 3
Related quests
Truth and Reconciliation
leads to:

Annal Sects is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Lantry would like to verify some suspect details in Lexeme's work. Help him recover other chronicles he stashed during the conquest of the Tiers.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • If you completed the preceding quest in Act 2, Lantry will request that you aid him in his search for more parts of his Chronicles, convinced by the secret messages apparently weaved into the chronicles by Lexeme. Accepting the quest will place Lantry's Hideaway on your world map. Travel there.
  • Approach the door to meet the Tormented Savant. Kill them, then enter the home. Look at everything, then search the shelf in the corner. Give Lantry the time needed to decode the message... It's long. And boring. But he'll eventually get it. He'll mark a new location on your map. You can point out something that doesn't make sense: Lexeme asked for you personally, without involving Lantry, but somehow left a coded message for him in the Chronicles, witch Subterfuge 67.
  • Travel to the Indigo Fields and interact with the berries there. You will witness several crucial moments from Lantry's past, starting with Voices of Nerat in the moment it recruited Lantry into its service, followed by Sage Chiasmus and Lexeme. Simply letting Lantry experience the visions concludes the quest and awards you the achievement.