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Arid Lands

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Arid Lands
SPELL FireField L.png
Sigil of Fire:
Sigil of Influential Domain: Spell affects targets in a circular area
EffectFatigued affliction on target for 10s
Save vs. Endurance
Accent Sigils
Sigil of Reaching Grasp: Increases the range of spells.
Sigil of Limitless Boundaries: Increases the area that a spell affects.
Sigil of Timeless Form: Increases the duration of spell's effects.
Sigil of Precise Action: Increases accuracy of spells.
Sigil of Cyclical Energies: Reduces the cooldown of spells.
Enhancement Sigils
Sigil of Impact: Adds a knockback effect (4m Push) to the spell
Sigil of Marking: Adds the�Marked�Affliction to target for 20s
Sigil of�Bleeding: Adds a Bleeding affliction to target for 10s
Sigil of Dazing: Adds the�Dazed�Affliction to target for 10s
Sigil of Spellsurge: -10% Recovery time (global) for 6s

Arid Lands is a Fire spell in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

Channel energy to form a sweltering zone of sultry heat in an area. As long as enemies remain in the field they are continually�Fatigued.