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Artifact abilities

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Artifacts offer unique abilities to their wielders.

List of artifact abilities[edit | edit source]

Talent Effect Artifact required
Weakened and Fatigued afflictions on Bane targets in a 14m radius Magebane Helm
Frozen and Disarmed affliction on target
+400% all damage taken on target
Target can't move or attack
Face of Judgment
Terrified affliction on foes in a 120 degree, 5m radius cone Hierarch's Robes
-25% Will and Endurance defense for foes in a 3m radius Helm of the First Regent
11-19 Slash/Shock damage vs. Dodge
16-27 Shock damage vs. Dodge
4m radius
Dazed and Confused affliction on target
Push back 4m
The Final Scream
+12 Accuracy
+4 Quickness
+30% Move Speed
Azure Shield
11-15 Crush vs. Dodge
Blinded affliction on targets in the projectile's path
Bane explode for 40 Arcane damage in a 2.5m radius
32-51 Crush damage vs. Dodge
Enemies Petrified for 9s
Allies receive +3 Resolve, Might, and Vitality, as well as +8 Armor vs. Crush
Staff of Cairn
Shielded for 120 damage for 15s
Attackers are Paralyzed for 15s
Banner of Ardent
13-18 Pierce damage vs. Dodge
Drains 30 Health and restores to User
Enemy receives -2 to Vitality, Quickness, and Might
Bounces to 4 foes dealing the same effects each time
Heart's Blood
Deal 40 Arcane damage to targets in a cone (120 degrees, 5m radius)
Allies receive +10% Arcane damage bonus per hit
+8% Health restored every 3 seconds in a 2.5m radius around the orb Alchemist's Gloves
Swap positions with part member
Both characters receive +5 to Finesse and Vitality
Commander's Plate
Drain 25 Health from target and restore 25 Health to the wielder once every 6s Wave's Crest
11-15 Crush vs. Dodge
All beneficial effects removed from target
100 Armor penetrated
Affects targets in a 210 degree cone, 2.5m radius
Teleport and deal 11-15 Crush damage vs. Dodge
8m radius
Nightwalker Boots
-10% Damage taken
+20% Arcane damage on hit
Binding of Shadows
40-51 Crush damage vs. Dodge
Targets in the path of the shockwave receive a strong Interrupt and -6 Armor
Hammer of Sunder
-50% Action and Move Speed on foes in 2.5m radius Staff of Hours
11-15 Arcane damage and Stunned affliction on foes in a 5m radius Dauntless
+5 Resolve
+50 Defense against Push and Knockdown attacks for allies in a 12m radius
Steadfast insignia
12-24 Shock damage vs. Dodge
14 projectiles
2.5m radius
16-29 Fire damage vs. Dodge
5 projectiles
8m radius
-10 Accuracy on target
Random Afflictions on target
+25 Accuracy on self
Scales of Mercy
80 Frost damage on target after 6s
Frozen affliction on target for 6s