At Any Cost

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At Any Cost
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Quest data
LocationHalfgate/PlainsgateStone Down Gorge
Given ByHaygren
RewardAzure Shield
Related quests
Blood Trophy
leads to:
Standing Tall
Bound by the Blade
The Forge Master's Prize

At Any Cost is a quest in Tyranny.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Stonestalker tribe has possession of the legendary Azure Shield. Seek out the beastmen and find a way to recover the artifact.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Head to Stone Down to begin your search for Hundred-Blood. A band of Scarlet Chorus stand between you and the Beastmen. Cut the Scarlet Chorus down.
  • Find Hundred-Blood to the north-east and find out what she know about the Azure Shield.
  • Hundred-Blood asks you to kill the humans at Jagged Maw Shrine. In exchange, she'll tell you what she knows about the Azure Shield.
    • Alternatively, you can kill her and interrogate her in her dying throes. Or, if you have high Lore, her mentioning Gulfglow will automatically unlock the Aurora Spire.
  • After you wipe the opposition out, Hundred-Blood will tell you that Red-Fang at Gulfglow Oldwalls near the Aurora Spire knows the location of the Azure Shield.
  • Head there. You can strike her down or eliminate the Disfavored and their Earthshaker allies for her. If you have "helped the Stonestalker tribe" (1 Favor, 0 Wrath, and doing all the side quests without harming any Beastfolk is enough), you can just ask for the shield and she will hand it over.
  • Return to Red-Fang if you took the second option and deliver the good news. The Azure Shield is yours, along with the path to Howling Rock.
  • Return to Bleden Mark at Ashweald. This must be the last step if you want to access Howling Rock. (Maybe also if you want to kill Cairn and get all the edicts).