At Any Cost

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At Any Cost
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Quest data
LocationHalfgate/PlainsgateStone Down Gorge
Given ByHaygren
RewardAzure Shield
Related quests
Blood Trophy
leads to:
Standing Tall
Bound by the Blade
The Forge Master's Prize

At Any Cost is a quest in Tyranny.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Stonestalker tribe has possession of the legendary Azure Shield. Seek out the beastmen and find a way to recover the artifact.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Head to Stone Down to begin your search for Hundred-Blood. A band of Scarlet Chorus stand between you and the Beastmen. Cut the Scarlet Chorus down.
  • Find Hundred-Blood to the north-east and find out what she know about the Azure Shield.
  • Hundred-Blood asks you to kill the humans at Jagged Maw Shrine. In exchange, she'll tell you what she knows about the Azure Shield.
    • Alternatively, you can kill her and interrogate her in her dying throes. Or, if you have high Lore, her mentioning Gulfglow will automatically unlock the Aurora Spire.
  • After you wipe the opposition out, Hundred-Blood will tell you that Red-Fang at Gulfglow Oldwalls near the Aurora Spire knows the location of the Azure Shield.
  • Head there. You can strike her down or eliminate the Disfavored and their Earthshaker allies for her. If you have "helped the Stonestalker tribe" (1 Favor, 0 Wrath, and doing all the side quests without harming any Beastfolk is enough), you can just ask for the shield and she will hand it over.
  • Return to Red-Fang if you took the second option and deliver the good news. The Azure Shield is yours, along with the path to Howling Rock.
  • Return to Bleden Mark at Ashweald.