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Battle at Jagged Maw Shrine

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Battle at Jagged Maw Shrine
Battle at Jagged Maw.png
Quest data
LocationPlainsgate/Half-GateJagged Maw Shrine
Given ByTangled Limb
FactionScarlet Chorus

Battle at Jagged Maw Shrine is a quest in Tyranny.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tangled Limb of the Scarlet Chorus is taking a war party to Jagged Maw Shrine to kill the current Disfavored inhabitants. He's requested your aid in this venture.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Meet Tangled Limb and his war party at Jagged Maw Shrine. Scarlet Chorus and Disfavored forces are engaged in a standoff at Jagged Maw Shrine. Confront the Disfavored forces.
  • Although you work for the Chorus, you can freely choose who to side with:
    • You can join the combat on either side, killing either Tangled Limb and the ChorusThis decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.pngThis decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png or Caedis and his Disfavored.This decision incurs WrathSymbol disfavored.pngThis decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png
    • You can assert your authority as Tunon's Fatebinder, explaining with Lore 26 that you are empowered to do so or intimidating them through force of arms. They will both start arguing who you should side with.
    • Ultimately, you can demand an inventive from either of them. Caedis offers his sword, Limb Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 10 , and Killsy suggests slaughtering them all.
    • Beyond glaring silently, you can also decide to wipe out Tangled Limb after stating that you are empowered by the Voices of Nerat to do whatever's necessary.