Blood of the Beast

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Blood of the Beast
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Quest data
LocationBastard's Wound
Given ByWagstaff
FactionWagstaff's Wounders
Related quests
Tide Together
leads to:
Fatebinder's Judgement

Blood of the Beast is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Wagstaff needs the blood of Reef-Talon to sustainably provide water for the Wound. He believes that due to her magical abilities, her blood would be reusable in his water purification rituals rather than exhausted after one rite. He has asked you to locate her retreat deep within the Oldwalls and return with her corpse.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is the Wagstaff-aligned version of the quest, available after completing Tide Together. For details on reaching Reef-Talon, see History of the Oldwalls: Part I.
  • Where the path diverge is when you encounter Lexeme, who will sic the Lullaby on you. After you defeat it, talk to her again, then meet Reef-Talon. At this point, you have several options: Kill her to make her a source of material, subdue her to make her available for farming water purification material, or encourage her to harness her gift.
  • Return.