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Burning Library
BKG AR 0301 BurningLibrary Exterior.jpgBKG AR 0304 BurningLibrary Ruins01.jpg
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FactionsScarlet Chorus
Maric (if conquered)
Renata (if secured for the sages)
MerchantsBoltok (Chorus)
Lupin (Disfavored)
Myrum (Sages)
QuestsExtinguishing the Flames
Path to Power
Silence of Secrets
Unique lootEmberglow Hood
Mindstatic Torc
The First Kings of Stalwart
Blood Chanter's Spine
Unraveler's Cane
Staff of Hours
Hammer of Sunder
Banner of Ardent

Burning Library is a location in Tyranny.

  • It is unlocked by asking Graven Ashe to explore the Library during Making a Stand, after learning of Amelia's fate or selecting it as the next sieging destination.
  • It is also unlocked after securing one territory for the Scarlet Chorus and choosing it as the next destination.
  • It is the first stop after going anarchist.

Note that if you do not specifically unlock the library during Act II, your investigation will suffer as you won't be able to explore it.

Background[edit | edit source]

Previously known as the Vellum Citadel, the archive and ancestral home of the Sages is now the site of a volcanic crater. Eruptions of lava began during the conquest of the Tiers, after Kyros' forces failed to claim the library in the Overlord's name. Kyros cast an Edict of Fire to break the siege and rid the world of the forbidden knowledge stored there. The Citadel has been a smoldering ruin ever since.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Entrance[edit | edit source]

  • Welcome to the Library, hope you brought burn ointment. Find Foul Murmur torturing Folant to the northwest. Picking a fight with him means turning the whole camp hostile.
  • In the center is the Chorus camp around the entrance. The containers have minor loot, while the area near the entrance to the upper ruins has The Censor and Jelena.

Upper ruins[edit | edit source]

  • Welcome to the finest place of higher learning in the Tiers! Excuse the dust. Lantry will remark on the forcefields when you enter, indicating that you need a specific sequence to unlock them. Further along he will point to the lake of lava, noting that it was where the Sages made parchment, down to the vats of rendering fat.
  • Further along you'll find a Sage feigning death (sarcastically remarking that they're so obviously dead earns favor with Bleden Mark). Asking to bind his wounds earns the opposite. He will point you to the pass-phrase, or rather, the first part of it. Pick the incomplete passphrase from the shelves (42 Lore required).
  • Use the nearby pile of rubble to grab the ink-stirring pole. Return to the first barrier and dispel it (interact with it once it changes to the sigil symbol).
  • Fat Ulsten lurks around the corner. Further still is Gaptooth. To the northwest is an exit onto the plateau with the magic cross formations (only available if you warned the sages in advance). The Emberglow Hood is there. By touching the magic cross formations you can learn the Sigil of Fire.
  • You can enter the Scriptorium with 44 Athletics. The Sage here carried a potion recipe for research at the Library Spire.
  • Beyond Gaptooth's little abode is a rope and pulley that allows you to slide down to the lower levels.

Lower ruins[edit | edit source]

  • Say hi to Numbly (or Gaptooth, if you had her slaughter Numbly with Subterfuge). Go upstairs near the statue to pilfer the Mindstatic Torc. Further to the northeast are more shelves, including another portion of the incomplete passphrase and The First Kings of Stalwart, which unlocks information necessary to end the Edict of Storms in Blade Grave without killing Amelia's daughter.
  • Rip out the Blood Chanter's Spine from the corpse of the Blood Chanter by the stairs. Yeah.
  • Continue south-west. Mind the trap. Loot the Research: Magic Sigil book from the shelves. You can divert to the island with the Scourges by jumping the lava gap with Athletics 49 and get some scrolls for your trouble.
  • Over the small bridge of lava is another section of the Library. If you want to save the two Maric Oath Bound, spring to the south-west and attack the beastwoman, preferably taunting her and her support to divert their attention away from the scout.
  • Defeat the nearby Bane and pick up the third part of the passcode. Head up the collapsed floor to the upper ruins.

Upper ruins revisited[edit | edit source]

  • Head east and meet Bone Whittler. Kill him. Grab the Sigil of Cyclical Energies from the shelves behind him.
  • Climb over the rubble piles (42 Athletics) to reach a Sage and an Oath Bound. Oh and the final part of the passcode. Watch Lantry flip out over the prospect of seeing the Silent Archive, then take a swig of one of his inks.
  • Use the pulley to the northwest to descend to the entrance to the Silent Archive storage area.

Lower ruins revisited[edit | edit source]

  • You arrive near the ward protecting the entrance to the Silent Archive. Wipe out the Bane to the south-west. Head to the barrier and kill whichever gang boss you left alive. Activate the runes as per the completed passphrase: ↑ ↓ ← → (Sigils of Vigor, Fire, Force, Stone).
  • The room by the barrier has the Sigil of Influential Domain on the shelves. The room with the staircase has Research: Shield Plans and a Sigil of Timeless Form (II). Descend down the staircase.

The Silent Archive[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Entrance[edit | edit source]

After claiming the area for the Disfavored

Upper ruins[edit | edit source]

Lower ruins[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Feel The Burn.jpg Feel The Burn Destroy the Burning Library