Charged Fist

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Charged Fist
SPELL LightningTouch L.png
Sigil of Lightning:
Sigil of Focused Intent: Spell affects a single target nearby (touch-like)
Damage10-15 Shock vs. Endurance
EffectStrong Interrupt for 3s
Accent Sigils
Sigil of Strength: Provides an increase to spell strength, increasing the potency of most existing effects.
Sigil of Reaching Grasp: Increases the range of spells.
Sigil of Precise Action: Increases accuracy of spells.
Sigil of Cyclical Energies: Reduces the cooldown of spells.
Sigil of Piercing Strength: Increases a spell's armor penetration.
Enhancement Sigils
Sigil of Blood Magic: +30% Damage Deals at minimum 15 Raw damage to caster
Sigil of Wild Magic: Spell deals a Random damage type with each casting
Sigil of Marking: Adds the�Marked�Affliction to target for 20s
Sigil of Stunning: Adds the�Stunned�Affliction
Sigil of Killing Blows: Up to 50 additional damage to wounded enemies
Sigil of Dazing: Adds the�Dazed�Affliction to target for 10s
Sigil of�Bleeding: Adds a Bleeding affliction to target for 10s
Sigil of Impact: Adds a knockback effect (4m Push) to the spell
Sigil of Spellsurge: -10% Recovery time (global) for 6s

Charged Fist is a Lightning spell in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

Channel an explosive surge of electrical energy releasing it all at once on a nearby enemy, Interrupting them and sending them flying back.