Circular Reason

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Circular Reason
Wraithblade L.png
TypeOne-handed thrown weapon
Ranged damage14-16 Pierce vs. Dodge
Recovery penalty+1.25s (ranged)
Additional characteristics
ModifiersEthereal Drain: 3 points stolen from a random attribute for 6s
Rebounding Blade

Circular Reason is an artifact in Bastard's Wound.

Description[edit | edit source]

This well-balanced throwing knife has the remarkable property of returning to its thrower, an enchantment that could lead to fatal accidents if one is expecting the usual behavior for hurled objects. The blade has passed through two hundred years of Sages, yet no definite story of its origin exists. Many of the stories tell of long lost lovers, tragic vengeance, and most suggest this blade came from the Oldwalls in lands afar. Lantry finds most of these tales ludicrous and insists the blade was someone's ill-conceived attempts at suicide or a gag gift to a 'beloved' rival. After all, the blade is perfectly accurate in its ability to reach the person who threw it and not perfectly accurate in its ability to hit other people.

Location[edit | edit source]