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Tyranny inherits many of the console commands from Pillars of Eternity, which allow for manipulating inventory, character stats, and more.

Enabling console commands[edit | edit source]

  • In order to activate console commands, you need press the tilde key (~), hit Enter, and type in iroll20s.
  • Once entered, the command activates cheat mode and disables achievements for this particular game. Reloading a save where cheats weren't activated enables them again.

Basic commands[edit | edit source]

Most commands require a target; the player character is simply called player.
  • AttributeScore character attribute value: Sets base value of given attribute.
  • Skill character skill value: Sets base value of given skill (eg. skill player lore 100).
  • AddAbility target abilityname: Adds an ability.
  • AddItem itemcode quantity: Adds an item in the specified quantity to the player character's inventory.
  • GiveItem itemcode quantity: Adds an item in the specified quantity to the stash (recommended).
  • AddExperience amount: Adds the specified amount of experience.
  • addbelief amount: Adds power (used to cast Edicts).
  • advancetimebyhours amount: Advances time by the specified amount of hours.
  • StartQuest questid: Starts the specified quest.
  • SetGlobalValue globalid value: Sets the specified global value to the specified value.
  • AreaTransition MapName PointLocation: Teleport to the specified area.

Codes[edit | edit source]

  • To find specific item codes, consult the individual item pages (eg. rings for money, artifacts for artifacts etc.). A quick way to fatten your wallet with 100,000 rings and 50 each of Spire resources is the following:
additem money_01_ir 10
giveitem RES_SkyPillar_AlchemySupplies 50
giveitem RES_SkyPillar_Ingot_Bronze 50
giveitem RES_SkyPillar_Ingot_Iron 50
giveitem RES_SkyPillar_Scrolls 50
giveitem RES_SkyPillar_Hide 50