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Testy enjoys custom portraits - and so should you.

Like Pillars of Eternity and Infinity Engine games, you can use a custom portrait in the game.

Installing a custom portrait[edit | edit source]

  • You need two images: One large and one small, both in .PNG format.
  • The large one needs to be 210x330 pixels and end in _lg.png (so Testy's custom portrait would be Testy_lg.png).
  • The small one needs to be 76x96 pixels and end in _sm.png (Testy's custom portrait would be Testy_sm.png).
  • Place the portraits in the Data/data/art/gui/portraits/player/ directory, in either the male or female directory (the game displays both folders during character creation, so the placement only affects the order in which everything is displayed).
  • You can select the portrait during character creation or switch to it by using the gear icon displayed on your character's portrait in inventory.