Darkened Hollow

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Darkened Hollow
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Connects toBastard's Wound
The Abyss
QuestsMidnight Wanderer

Darkened Hollow is a location in Bastard's Wound.

Background[edit | edit source]

These halls, though only lightly damaged, receive little light from above and have been largely flooded by the water filtering into the ancient depths. Slick floors, sunken chambers, and the Bane make travel here wildly dangerous.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • During Midnight Wanderer, you arrive at an isolated area where Insipid Moniker runs a farm. The fire barrier can be dispelled with Eisly's help.
  • You visit the rest of the level from a teleporter from The Abyss. Use the Cymo torchkey on the beacon to activate the wall plate and open the doorway. Beyond waits a troupe of Jaspos' mercenaries. Deal with them, then move onwards. Pick up the Darkened Hollow Keystone from their corpses. Activate the beacon with the Lazu torchkey and use the floorplate to extend the bridge. Up the stairs is the Darkened Hollow teleporter and a Sleepless who carries the keystone for it.
  • Across the bridge is a beacon where you can use the Cymo torchkey to activate the floorplate and then drain the water from the level. Further, after lowering the water level, lies another door opened with the Cymo (beacon/plate), leading to a room with an altar. Beyond is a Malice and a body with the Jadis torchkey.
  • With the water lowered, you can access the south-western corner of the level. Loot the body for an Ancient Oldwalls parchment. Open the door to the room with the Cymo torchkey to find another Chronicle piece.
  • Return to the central teleporter and use the Jadis torchkey to activate and extend the passage over the gap to the south. Wipe the Sleepless, then follow the road around the bend and remotely activate the beacon and floorplate to extend the bridge. Defeat the sleepless and bane to discover another mural:
The pristine, meticulously-ordered stretch of Oldwalls masonry is dramatically interrupted by an intricate mural, painted across the brick wall with primitive pigments. A crude maze of orderly tunnels and simple right angles is depicted, and small, indistinctly drawn humanoid figures populate its varied and winding corridors.

The corridors and passageways depicted in the midsection are filled with humanoid figures. While chipped paint and weathering causes some superficial differences, the figures appear otherwise uniform in size, shape, and color. The figures high atop the mural appear of different styles and colors, but you'd need to move in for a closer look to glean the subtleties.

  • After examining the mural, move upstairs. The last room contains a teleporter and bodies with the Fractured Depths keystone.
  • Once you have the Tanza torchkey, return here and open the last bridge at the central teleporter, leading to another mural:
As you approach the wall, what at first appeared to be a collection of haphazard stains seems, on closer inspection, a deliberate creation. A procession of hand prints, all of them too large to be human but about the right size to those of Beasts, festoon the wall, though each is varied in its shape and features.

The prints are all of a similar style - a single-color mark of palm and splayed fingers. There is considerable variety in the exact shapes and sizes of hand prints displayed.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]