Edict's Crescent

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Edict's Crescent
Edicts Crescent L.png
TypeTwo-handed axe
Armor penetration9
Recovery penalty+2.25
Additional characteristics
ModifiersErratic Magic: Critical hits with basic attacks will cause a random hostile affliction for a short duration.
Echoes of the Storm:The weapon drives the wielder's strikes forward, charging them with such power that some necessarily escapes in the form of electricity. These three melee strikes may inflict added lightning damage that increases with the Artifact's renown.

Edict's Crescent is an item in Bastard's Wound.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lycentia crafted this vicious axe from the twisted iron and bronze of the Blade Grave. The long curve of the blade projects from a head wrought with numerous ancient sigils of destruction, evoking the arcane wrath of the Overlord's judgment against Stalwart.

The mage-smith also included a sigil she described as "something I've been fiddling with." She added: "It probably won't kill you."

Location[edit | edit source]