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Kyros' most powerful magic is that of the Edict: Commandments cast upon whole regions that can control and destroy man and nature alike. Once cast, an Edict can rain fire, wither crops, demoralize cities, usher in endless night, or do whatever it is that Kyros envisioned. No known force, magical or mundane can stop an Edict, though each Edict is often worded to include some condition or contingency that will see its end.

Some Edicts have been short lived, delivering days of wanton catastrophe. Just as many have lingered for centuries.

For details on your Edicts, see mysterious device.

List of Edicts[edit | edit source]

  • Edict of Execution: This Edict kills all in a designated area if any of the specified conditions fail.
  • Edict of Fire: The Edict of Fire brings the energy of Fire to large regions of the world. This generates incredible heat - sometimes Flame - as well as strengthening the powers of magic.
  • Edict of Malediction: The Edict of Malediction will twist the strands of Fate, causing misfortune and bad luck to plague your enemies.
  • Edict of Nightfall: The Edict of Nightfall brings permanent darkness to the land. Plants will wither, animals will sicken, and people will slowly freeze without the sun's warmth.
  • Edict of Stone: The Edict of Stone leeches magical energy from the sky and living creatures, storing it in the rocks below. This energy can lead to earthquakes and the slow petrification of the living.
  • Edict of Storms: This Edict bombards the lands with a violent storm.

Historical Edicts[edit | edit source]

  • Edict of Sorrows, broken by Golbraith in 110 TR
  • Edict of Twisting Grasses, broken in 380 TR

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Made To Be Broken.jpg Made To Be Broken Break all of Kyros' Edicts.