Evocation of Cairn

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Evocation of Cairn
ABL artifact evocation of cairn.png
TypeArtifact ability
Effects32-51 Crush damage vs. Dodge
Enemies Petrified for 9s
Allies receive +3 Resolve, Might, and Vitality, as well as +8 Armor vs. Crush
Duration60s (ally bonuses)
Cooldown1 per rest
GeneralStaff of Cairn

Evocation of Cairn is a Artifact ability talent in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

Enemies in a target area take Crush damage and are Petrified, while allies in the area receive a buff to Might, Vitality, and Resolve, as well as enhanced Armor versus Crush damage. These effects scale with the Staff of Cairn's Renown.