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The Tiers conquered by Kyros are controlled by many factions and dealing with them is part of the Fatebinder's job description. Reputation is tracked with the factions listed below and may lead to new abilities.

Tracked factionsEdit

  •   The Disfavored: Kyros' ironclad elite, the Disfavored follow Graven Ashe with unyielding loyalty. Proud of their heritage, they only allow those with pure northern blood to join their legions.
  •   The Scarlet Chorus: Led by the Voices of Nerat. The largest of Kyros' armies in the Tiers. Growing in size with each battle, they embrace the Voices' teaching that everyone deserves only what they can fight for.
  •   The Unbroken: Before Kyros' invasion, the Unbroken Blades were the finest soldiers in the Tiers. Weakened and scattered by Kyros' Edict, they cling to existence in the storm-wracked lands of the Blade Grave.
  •   Sages' Guild: Keepers of arcane knowledge, the mages of the Vellum Citadel are all but destroyed after Kyros' Edict transformed their home into the Burning Library. The few who remain free lack purpose and leadership.
  •   Bronze Brotherhood: A mercenary company predominantly found in the region of Haven. These fierce warriors idolize the Bane as the ultimate source of death and destruction.
  •   Vendrien Guard: Ceremonial honor guard of House Vendrien, rulers of Apex before Kyros' invasion.
  •   Forge-Bound: The mage-smiths of Kyros' Empire, they are the only ones who know the secrets of smelting iron from rock, or how to imbue magic into weapons and armor.
  •   Stonestalker Tribe: The sole surviving Beastwoman tribe of Azure. After regaining their freedom during Kyros' invasion, the Stonestalkers retreated from contact with mankind.
  •   Lethian's Crossing: A small trading settlement before Kyros' invasion, the discovery of iron in the nearby mountains turned Lethian's Crossing into a center of commerce.
  •   Stone Sea Villagers: The survivors of Kyros' Edict cling to life in the Stone Sea, struggling to eke out an existence under the weight of the Overlord's magic.

Related achievementsEdit

Icon Name Description
  Charismatic Reach maximum Favor with a faction.
  Intimidating Reach maximum Wrath with a faction.