Fatebinder's Judgement

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Fatebinder's Judgement
Fatebinders Judgement.png
Quest data
LocationBastard's WoundWellspring Cascade
Given ByAutomatic
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Bones of the Beast
History of the Oldwalls: Part II
leads to:

Fatebinder's Judgement is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The tensions within Bastard's Wound have reached a breaking point. If leadership over the Wound is not decided soon it will likely tear itself apart.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Head to the teleporter by Jaspos' forge and activate it with the Wellspring Cascade Keystone. Enter the area. Approach the camp to the northeast. The gathering will appear, composed of Jaspos, Wagstaff, and if you saved her from doubt, Reef-Talon. The decision will be between them three (or two) and ruling it yourself.
  • Once the decision is done, those who weren't picked will argue with your decision. With Athletics 60 you can intimidate them into submission, otherwise, you'll have to kill them all.