Feather-lined Boots

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Feather-lined Boots
Leather boots feather lined boots L.png
General data
TypeLight Armor, Boots
Recovery penalty+0.2s
EffectDisengagement Defense: +3
Orthopedic: -5% Recovery, immunity to Rooted
ValueBronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 4 Copper rings. One copper ring equals 1/100 of a bronze ring. 60

Feather-lined Boots is an item in Tales from the Tiers.

Background[edit | edit source]

Lined with flightless down and cobbled of fur and hide, these soft boots provide exceptional warmth and comfort. Somewhat heavy for use in the Tiers, this footwear likely found its way south during the Conquest.

Location[edit | edit source]

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