Final Judgment

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Final Judgment
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Quest data
LocationTunon's Court
AchievementFinal Judgement
Related quests
Standing Tall
leads to:
The Armies in the North

Final Judgment is a quest in Tyranny.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Stand before Tunon in his court in the Bastard City and explain your actions in the Tiers.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • You will receive a missive from Bleden Mark. With Favor 3 or more, you can instead arrange a meeting at Ashweald. The Archon of Shadows will confront you there and attack. Killing him incurs major wrath from Tunon and skips the Archon trial.

Archon trial[edit | edit source]

  • Head to Tunon's court and approach the central platform. Tunon will address you and short of instantly attacking him, talk. He will provide background to the case and then ask you, flatly, to declare who you believe to be guilty of sowing the most chaos in the tiers: Nerat or Ashe. Note that the more evidence you've gathered during A Trial of Archons, the better your chances of success. Fatebinder Rhogalus will remind you of the class of crimes that Archons are judged on: Sedition, incompetence, war crimes, and hoarding of forbidden knowledge. Note that this part is skipped if you killed either Archon.
    • Convicting either Archon requires exhausting all of your evidence and needs to prove at least one major crime in each category.
  • If successful in your argument, Tunon will summon Bleden Mark and ask the headsman to bring the Archon to the Court (thus saving you the trouble) or you can ask for the privilege yourself. This gains favor with Bleden Mark, but a major gain in Wrath with Tunon (don't do it if you're on the cusp of Wrath 4).
  • You will also get to decide the fate of the convicted party's representative (Albetronas or Blood Mulch), choosing between death and pressing into Court service. Tunon respects your decision either way.
  • The quest will not continue until you deliver the Writ of execution and the Archon is dead.
  • If you killed either Archon before standing before Tunon, he will comment on the fact that you took the role of passing sentence into your own hands. He isn't much pleased with this, but it does not contribute to any negative or positive Favor or Wrath. Also, the killed party's representative will profess their strong dislike towards the Fatebinder.

Your trial[edit | edit source]

  • The second part of the trial concerns you, Fatebinder. You will be asked to present a compelling case in your defense, as you are accused of transgressing the Overlord's authority, breaking Imperial lives, bringing mayhem to an orderly conquest, and handling matters beyond your station.
  • First, Tunon will call your companions to testify to your character. Only companions in your party count, so bring those with the highest favor (at least 3). All three must testify on your behalf.
  • Next, Tunon will call on your trespass in the Oldwalls. Claiming that you entered it seeking only to punish the transgressors within puts Tunon in a bind and he assumes your innocence in the matter (after all, it's an impossible situation).
  • If you hold the Silent Archive, you can be accused of violating the provision about Forbidden Knowledge. You can fire back that you are a trusted servant of the Court and thus the only one capable of handling it. The same will be true for the Magebane Helm, but you can promise to return it.
  • In Stalwart, if you resolved it by exploiting a legal loophole, he will be particularly furious. Attacking Kyros increases Tunon's Wrath, while mentioning her intention for it to end is the most neutral option.
  • Finally, Tunon will ask you directly: Did you join the Conquest to sow discord from within? Don't implicate yourself and state that you suspected the corruption from the start.
  • In your closing statement, you can challenge Kyros' Peace as a lie and with Tunon's Favor of at least 3, Tunon might agree. The neutral option is to accuse the Archons of traveling south with their own agenda. To flip the Archon of Justice, you need Favor 4 and then Tunon will pronounce you innocent, giving him pause. Then he will request to become your vassal.
  • If you fail to make a compelling case or Tunon's Wrath score exceed 4, Tunon will immediately sentence you to death. You will have to kill him and Bleden Mark.
  • Mark appears at the end even if you are pronounced innocent (or before, if you have high Favor with him on the anarchist path). If you have low Favor with him, he will attack on order from Kyros himself.
  • Join Tunon by his throne once you are done.