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Fort Squander

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Fort Squander
BKG VX1 AR 1006 Military Fort.jpg
General data
Part ofContested Lands
FactionsScarlet Chorus
QuestsThe Third Degree

Fort Squander is a location in Bastard's Wound.

Background[edit | edit source]

Located at the confluence of three realms, this noisome fortress would seem situated in a tactically strategic position - if any major roads passed near it. After the first fall of Vendrien's Well, the Disfavored left only a token garrison, who were slaughtered by the crimson horde when hostilities engulfed the two armies.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • The area is dominated by the fort. You enter from the east and the entrance is just ahead. Verse will pipe up and mention how she doesn't like the lack of troops, but nonetheless encourage you to move in.
  • Fighting through the modest skeleton crew at the entrance, you need to move clockwise through the fort to the center, where Catorius lays in wait.

Characters[edit | edit source]