Fractured Depths

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Fractured Depths
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Connects toBastard's Wound
The Abyss
QuestsGambler's Ruin
Truth and Reconciliation

Fractured Depths is a location in Bastard's Wound.

Background[edit | edit source]

Wan light filters into these depths, glistening on the water flowing through the ancient paths. The halls here display less damage than elsewhere in the Bastard's Wound.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • This is a typical Oldwalls dungeon. Entering from the Bastard's Wound teleporter, you land in an isolated area to the northeast. Opening the door here grants access to a room with a felled beast (with evidence required to implicate Tonves) and a chest with Phantomshade.
  • The other teleport, down in the Abyss, drops you off in the western section. Explore around to find a Sigil of Bounding Bolts III (Lore 32). The gap nearby can be jumped. Down ahead is a sleepless with a rather substantial force of bane and human enemies. Beyond is a staircase leading to the lower sections of the oldwalls, barred by water until you can find the to activate the beacon.
  • Across the chasm (60 Athletics required for the jump) is the first of four murals under the ground:
The mural before you depicts two Beastmen-like figures rising from the floor, larger-than-life in stature and presence. They both carry upon their backs massive rectangular tower-like structures. Between the columns are what look like corridors of the Oldwalls, twisting and turning at right angles.

Though crafted with primitive pigments, the mural is festooned with small details. Further examination will likely glean additional information.

  • To progress further, use the beacon on the opposite platform near the mural, then activate the floorplate. If Wagstaff doesn't like you, you will be attacked by a war party led by a centurion. The platform beyond has another accessible beacon and one up on the upper level. The lower one is activated with Lazu and will lower the water level, allowing you to return to the previously inaccessible part of the depths.
  • Go down, fight off the malice, then grab the Cymo torchkey from the corpse. The platform below can be reached by remotely using the Lazu torchkey to activate it. Defeat the Malice and grab the Chronicle of the Sages.
  • The Cymo torchkey activates the beacon on the upper level (near where you lowered the water). Then just interact remotely with the wall plate and move up. Fight through the sleepless warriors to find another peaceful sleepless. You can point her towards the stairs or push her over the ledge after getting the Fractured Depths Keystone. Down the stairs with Cymo and remotely activating the beacon and floorplate. The Sigil of Precise Action V is to the north, and a teleporter allowing you to travel to other parts of the Wound via worldmap is to the lower right.
  • The final mural is accessed from the Abyss, after talking to Reef-Talon. The area has a hidden brick with a level IV Sigil of Cyclical Energies and the final mural with the beastwoman tearing herself apart and making.. Bane?.
The mural before you is of considerable size and detail, stretching to cover a large swath of otherwise unbroken Oldwalls masonry. In it, a Beastwoman-like figure adopts a dramatic pose, head arched backwards in mid-delivery of a tremendous roar. The creature's claws have hooked through her own ribs, ripping them apart. Blood and viscera spill forth from her chest, along with brightly colored tendrils. At the base, many crouched spectators are painted in shadowy tones.

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Loot[edit | edit source]