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The Wiki glares at you silently.

Glaring silently is one of the most fundamental gameplay elements in Tyranny, allowing you to respond to the chaos unfolding around you with stoicism unbroken by a single emotion. Focusing your power and standing as a Fatebinder, you are capable of wearing down the fiercest of opponents.

Usage[edit | edit source]


  • Fine. Glaring silently is a common dialogue option that's frequently a neutral option that doesn't add Loyalty, Fear, Favor, or Wrath with factions and characters. However:
    • Glaring at Lantry frequently adds to his Fear, especially if he's interviewing you after breaking Edicts. Verse isn't big on glaring either, but Eb is amused - and will eventually try to replicate your method of intimidation.
  • Using it frequently will cause Tunon to ask you about your choice of silence during Final Judgment.
    • "In my dispensation of justice, I find it most useful to let others do the talking while I observe and allow them to incriminate themselves." → "That is... a better justification than I had suspected. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity."
    • "I'm the strong, quiet type." → "Do you think that humor will spare you my justice, Fatebinder? I think not."
    • [Say nothing.] → "I don't know why I expected any different."
Tyranny Portraits 362960 20161208150545 1.png Ever since you arrived at the Tiers, you have proven stubbornly tight-lipped. Your speech is often stilled as if by some great terror or apprehension. Can you even answer for this anomaly, or are you too simple to manage it?
~ Tunon