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WPN BOW SP Gravebow L.png
TypeArtifact bow
Ranged damage16-18 Pierce vs. Dodge
Armor penetration6
Recovery penalty+2s
ValueBronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 38 Copper rings. One copper ring equals 1/100 of a bronze ring. 27
Additional characteristics
ModifiersExhaustion: On weapon critical, 2.5m AoE vs Dodge: -50% to Magic, Will, and Endurance defenses.
Chromatic Arrow: Fire a brilliant arrow. All enemies in its path take damage and are Blinded. Any Bane who are struck trigger a small explosion that deals Arcane damage to all Bane in the area. These effects scale with Renown.
IDWPN_ART_2H_SP_BOW_Gravebow Superior

Gravebow is an artifact in Tyranny.

Background[edit | edit source]

Gravebow is such a storied weapon that it was long ago written off as a myth.

As many contradictory stories of its origin exist as those of its previous users and final resting place. The more recent claim that an Archon of Turmoil wielded the bow in a war to single-handedly destroy the Bane. Some accounts posit that hundreds of bows of differing power share the title of "Gravebow," which has confused the weapon's history and deeds over time. The oldest claim that Gravebow predates the Oldwalls themselves, though none of these claims can be substantiated.

A poem claimed to have been taken by charcoal rubbing at the exterior of an Oldwalls posits that Gravebow might one day loose an arrow with such force that the Oldwalls themselves will crumble, and the surrounding Spires will fall like matchsticks. The validity of the source is questionable at best, as the author presented no rubbing and failed to recall the site in which he took it.

Whatever else Gravebow might be, its string thrums and pulses with energy desperate to be released.

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