History of the Oldwalls: Part II

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History of the Oldwalls: Part II
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Quest data
LocationThe Abyss
Given ByLexeme
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History of the Oldwalls: Part I
leads to:
Fatebinder's Judgement

History of the Oldwalls: Part II is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sage Lexeme needs more information about the ancient Beastman paintings found within the Oldwalls. She has asked you to explore the Oldwalls and search for additional paintings that may help her unlock the secrets of Reef-Talons abilities.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Reef-Talon in the Abyss. Access her room with the Tanza torchkey, then talk to her. She will answer questions about the sleepless and her story. Ultimately, you want to convince her to return to the Wound above. Mentioning Lexeme will open her up a bit. Mentioning the murals and suggesting improving her skill with magic helps to encourage her to take on the challenge.
  • Lexeme will rush inside once Reef-Talon decides to help. Doing so nets you the Penumbra artifact.
  • Follow Reef-Talon to the final mural. Examine it. The Lore 56 checks are guaranteed positives. After examination comes the decision point:
    • Athletics 61 allows you to slap sense into Reef-Talon, Lore 71 implies Archon status, Subterfuge 56 taunts her into realizing what happened. Glaring silently and Lexeme's deception are neutral options.
    • Most importantly, if you have Killsy at level 3 loyalty, she can knock sense into Reef Talon.
  • To accomplish this quest, you need to find three murals in Fractured Depths and Darkened Hollow. By the time you receive the quest you should have all four torchkeys. Consult individual pages for their precise locations (note: doing it beforehand can trigger a nasty bug where the game won't recognize that you visited them all).
  • After returning, you need to encourage her to claim her powers:
    • At this point, you determine her attitude. The more positive comments - away from implying death and her gift being a curse - you make, the more confident she will be, affecting the ending. The points are awarded depending on the answer you give and the sum affect the ending as follows: 0 = default, 0-3 = Reef Talon will flee into Oldwalls depths 4-6 = Reef Talon will return to Wound but is hesitant about powers 7+ = Reef Talon will return and will practice her powers.
    • In general the answers to get the positive effect are: The Oldwalls once had many different inhabitants... (maze mural), Beastmen were meant to fight bane..., Many of the prints were formed with essence..., The beastwoman is showing her dominance..., and What you're seeing is a historical record.... This will make Reef-Talon confident in her powers and return to Bastard's Wound. -Perhaps due to a patch, the answers for the best possible outcome are now different. The answer is different to the Many of the prints were formed with essence... The first answer should be chosen instead.
    • Failing to get a positive effect (whether confident or doubtful) will result in Reef-Talon fleeing into the depths of the Oldwalls, never to be seen again.
  • Return to the Wound via teleport.