Jaspos, Master of Knapping

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Jaspos, Master of Knapping
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General data
LocationBastard's Wound
QuestsThose Who Got Away

Jaspos, Master of Knapping is a character in Bastard's Wound.

Background[edit | edit source]

A heavily-muscled man stands next to a mixed pile of broken floor tiles and smashed boulders, head bent in focus, sledgehammer gripped tightly in both hands. Without breaking his gaze, he calmly extends an arm out as you approach, signaling for you to wait. In one smooth motion, he whirls the sledgehammer in a precise arc, effortlessly splitting a large green-gray boulder in two. He smiles and lets out a pleased chuckle before turning to greet you. Jaspos is the leader of the Forge-Bound deserters in the Wound, who arrived there after Wagstaff (well, well after Wagstaff) and has been using his talents as a Master of Knapping to make the settlement prosper.

Jaspos' talents lie in the fundamentals of forge work, ensuring the forges burn at the correct temperature and the tools work properly. In other words, he can work stones to create forges. In the Wound, he has also managed to put his knowledge to use forming an alternative method of water purification, using charcoal, enchanted stones, and jewels or beastmen fangs and claws to clear the water of the Withering Rot.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character starts quests.

Knapping on the Job

This character is involved in quests.

Those Who Got Away

Quests[edit | edit source]

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