Knapping on the Job

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Knapping on the Job
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Quest data
LocationBastard's WoundLethian's Crossing
Given ByJaspos
Related quests
The Ones Who Got Away
leads to:

Knapping on the Job is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Jaspos was not carrying all of his tools with him when he stumbled upon the Bastard's Wound, and as such, his collection of mystically infused tools were left behind at Lethian's Crossing. He has asked you to find the Forge-Bound currently in possession of his old gear and retrieve his prized, mystically-infused tools.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Jaspos left his tools in Lethian's Crossing when he completed his work on the forge there. Speak with the Forge-Bound about where they may be. If the Forge-Bound left, speak with Merchant Cyril selling the wares the Forge-Bound left behind to inquire about their whereabouts.
  • You will be directed to Cassandra, Master of Knapping, in South Haven. Head there and talk to her to learn that Jaspos is lying: The tools he is after belong to Cassandra, they are a gift to her from Zdenya. To get them:
    • You can kill Cassandra and lose favor with the Forge-Bound.
    • Order the Forge-Bound to hand the tools over (losing major Favor).
    • Conspire to steal them. You can sneak at night into the forge, after distracting Nikodemus by setting the stall on fire and pushing the villager into the well. Note that the Forge-Bound will go hostile when you enter the forge (so that the stealth mechanic can work), so get the party away on the exit markers first, well out of sight. Then you can sneak out of the town without provoking a confrontation.
    • Or you can manipulate Capteron into trying to steal them, after which he will be publicly executed. Cassandra will attend the execution leaving the tools unguarded.
  • You can return to Jaspos with the tools in tow or without them, after announcing they rightfully belong to Zdenya. Alternatively, you can give them to Wagstaff.