Kyros the Overlord

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Kyros the Overlord
General data
RoleMaster of Terratus
FactionsKyros' Empire

Kyros the Overlord is the ruler of the Northern Empire and the Tiers, following their conquest. The Fatebinders implement the Overlord's laws and will, subjugating the conquered and harnessing them for the benefit of Kyros's mighty empire.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kyros is a name out of legend. For centuries the Overlord has consolidated power, sending vast armies to swallow entire realms. The most powerful mystic the world has ever seen, Kyros can issue Edicts - magical proclamations that level cities, spread pox, sunder the lands, or change the course of seasons. Able to deliver suffering and woe to every corner of Terratus without leaving the Capital, few have seen the Overlord in person. Though Kyros' name is the single most recognized name in the world, only the Archons can say what the Overlord looks like.The Archons, the masters of magic throughout the known world, bow to Kyros - and the Overlord readily destroys any Archons unwilling to kneel. These sorceresses and madmen lead the Overlord's armies in near-endless conquest. As the realms of the known world fall to the Overlord, these captured territories are divvied up amongst the Archons to manage. No one truly knows how Kyros came to her power. It is known that before she became her conquests, she visited a Spire in the far southeast in -50 TR. However, before the man claiming this as fact could divulge more, he was struck down by a Fatebinder's axe.[1]Kyros claimed the title of Overlord with the first Edict of Storms, cast to subjugate the Cloud Barons and the Realm of Medrev. This date also marks year zero in the new calendar (0 TR).[2]

All can agree that Kyros is the most powerful Archon in recent history, determined to bring Terratus peace through power. With hundreds of Archons at her disposal and countless armies (of which the Disfavored and the Scarlet Chorus are but two), capped off with the seeming monopoly on Edicts, she is in a position to achieve this. With the fall of The Tiers in 430 TR, the conquest of Terratus was complete. How does the Overlord control the known world? Barring longevity that guarantees a consistent long-term policy, she is also a skilled tactician and manipulator, playing off the factions inhabiting the lands she rules and would rule, sowing discord in advance of the main assault by her armies. Fractious and divided, few can stand up to the power of her politics and armies dismantling the opposition piecemeal.[3]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character is involved in quests.

The Armies in the North

  • Kyros is not interacted with directly, but remains a presence throughout the campaign in the Tiers, through her edicts and otherwise. Her intrigue to make the Fatebinder into the Archon of Spires, as well as dispose of some of the most powerful Archons in her service, seems to be geared towards balancing out her Empire - and avoid it tearing itself apart, since with the conquest of the Tiers, the whole of known Terratus remains under her control.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Myothis: "Last but not least... as a young Fatebinder, I once had to oversee the case of a man who had built a shrine to Kyros around the base of a Spire in the far south east. I could find no evidence of falsity or slander - his shrine was a most reverent and loving tribute as I've ever seen. At one point though, this man claimed he had evidence that 'Kyros was here back in negative fifty.' He had merely uttered those words and my senior Binder swung the axe then and there. Being the new girl at the Court, I said nothing, but I have long wondered why such a comment should require death instead of the traditional removal of the tongue."
  2. Lantry: "But here, the answer is given to us by the Overlord's own sense of posterity. Year 0 of Kyros' calendar is said to correspond to the day Kyros went from warlord to wearer-of-many-crowns - a victory won when the first Edict of Storms shocked both the Cloud Barons and the Realm of Medrev to capitulate."
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