Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls - Antechamber

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Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls - Antechamber
BKG AR 0209 TwinRivers Oldwall 03.jpg
FactionsBronze Brotherhood
Connects toLethian's Crossing
Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Depths
Lethian's Crossing Runic Hall
QuestsBlades of Iron
Forbidden Passage
Unique lootAxe of the First Brother
Blackened Iron Choker

Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls - Antechamber is a location in Tyranny.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • You can enter this area by following Blades of Iron and installing the Magebane helm. Approach the central door and fight Bane. Go to the right and collect the charcoal rubbing (56 Lore) to activate the Spire).
  • To enter the rest of the area, you need to go to Twin Rivers and pass through its Oldwalls. The central area holds a Havoc and by the time you arrive, Raetommon will be there, trying to control it. See Forbidden Passage for details.
  • A hidden niche in the upper right column in the central area holds the Blackened Iron Choker.
  • Access to the Lethian's Crossing Runic Hall is opened by completing Forbidden Passage and activating all four beacons in the central area.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]