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WildBerries L.png
EffectImmune to engagement
+25% Move Speed
+4 Quickness
+20 Dodge
Duration120 seconds (2 minutes)
ValueBronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 1 Copper rings. One copper ring equals 1/100 of a bronze ring. 40
Additional characteristics

Marshberry is an item in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

The juice of the wild marshberry speeds up the imbiber's movement and reaction time. Found growing wild in the marshes of Stalwart, these berries are a potent drug. The merchant princes of the Bastard city were known to indulge in marshberries to sustain a night of drunken revelry. A lifetime of use can result in crippling joint pain and a dullness of wits. This consumable's effect increases in strength as its user gains in power.