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Missives are received from various characters throughout the game. They are placed in a separate category on the interface and may be responded to in several instances. They not only provide additional information about the setting and how others feel about you, but can also eg. unlock locations or start quests.

List of missives[edit | edit source]

Act I[edit | edit source]

Name Sender Conditions
Friend or Foe? Tarkis Arri Start The Oathbreakers by letting Pelox Tyrel and his men go.
May the Edict claim your worthless life. Tarkis Arri Don't side with the Vendrien Guard throughout the act.

Act II[edit | edit source]

Name Sender Conditions
A Stab in the Dark Bleden Mark End Act I as an anarchist.
On the subject of the Spires Fatebinder Rhogalus Activate a second Spire
Status Report Tunon Claim two territories for either of your allied factions
I Won't Forget This Eb Side with the rebels during Act I and turn on them by starting the anarchist questline. Eb cannot be a part of your party.
Rending-Hound's Location Sage Monophthong, on behalf of Octave Find Rending-Hound, then ask Octave for help locating him once he flees.
Citadel under siege! Tarkis Arri Side with the rebels. Start Standing Tall

Act III[edit | edit source]

Name Sender Conditions
I will only ask once. Bleden Mark Always sent

Raw List[edit | edit source]

Name Sender Act Conditions
A Humble Offer
An overdue greeting
Call to Court
Can I interest you in an aging scribe, slightly used?
Confer with Rhogalus
Courtly Assistance
Kyros' Edict of...?
Kyros' Will
Law and Order
Making Amends
On Matters of Strife
Our coalition is broken
Regarding your interest in the Spires
Thanks from the Disfavored
The horde sings well of you... Voices of Nerat