Orphan Midwife

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Orphan Midwife
General data
RoleArchon of Rebirth

Orphan Midwife was born in 160, manifesting her talents as the Archon of Rebirth. According to folklore, where she walked, plants would sprout, the sick would grow vigorous... And she'd also send most folks into fits of rage and animals into heat. She bowed to Kyros in 201, providing her with the Sigil of Life and sustaining her armies on the field. Mages outside the Empire, such as the Sage's Guild, know her magic by way of one of her first disciples, who migrated to the Tiers in 222 to spread her wisdom. The act happened to be illegal under Kyros' law. For that and a host of other transgressions, the Orphan Midwife has been imprisoned for over a century as penance.[1]

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