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SPELL FrostArmor L.png
Sigil of Frost:
Sigil of Guarded Form: Spell affects target's armor
Effect+4 Armor vs. Frost/Slash/Pierce
-5 Armor vs. Shock/Cursh
Accent Sigils
Sigil of Strength: Provides an increase to spell strength, increasing the potency of most existing effects.
Sigil of Reaching Grasp: Increases the range of spells.
Sigil of Limitless Boundaries: Increases the area that a spell affects.
Sigil of Timeless Form: Increases the duration of spell's effects.
Sigil of Precise Action: Increases accuracy of spells.
Sigil of Cyclical Energies: Reduces the cooldown of spells.
Enhancement Sigils
Sigil of Rapid Casting: No Recovery time for the spell
Sigil of Deflecting: -15% Critical Hit Damage for duration of spell
Sigil of Spellsurge: -10% Recovery time (global) for 6s
Sigil of Selfless Magic: Spell only affects other party members+50% spell effects
Sigil of Pride Magic: Spell only affects the player character+50% spell effects

Permafrost is a Frost spell in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

Coat the target in a thick layer of icy armor. While protected, Slash, Pierce, and Frost�Armor�are greatly increased, but Shock and Crush�Armor�are reduced.