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General data
RoleArchon of Ruin
Kyros' army commander
FactionsKyros, the Plaguebearers

Pox is the Archon of Ruin, holding mastery over illness, infection, and disease. Her abilities guarantee elevated casualty rates among civilians and soldiers alike as pestilence rips through camps and towns alike. These abilities were, in fact, instrumental in subduing the Northern Empire. She and her personal army, the Plaguebearers, ripped through Imperial swath leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. Although the army was disbanded after the campaign concluded, as the infested humans made for poor peacekeepers, Pox was kept in reserve for dealing with emergencies. When the Archon of the Tiers emerged in 431 TR, Pox was dispatched at the head of Imperial armies to bring them - and the Tiers - to heel.[1]

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