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Reef-Talon ico.png
General data
RolePrima of Woundkin
LocationThe Abyss
QuestsHistory of the Oldwalls: Part I and II

Reef-Talon is a character in Bastard's Wound.

Background[edit | edit source]

The former Prima of Bastard's Wound, Reef-Talon is a beast mystic with an unique mending talent. She was born a Mantaborn beast in the islands off the coast of Stalwart, living peacefully among the waters until their nest was sacked by Stalwart around 424 TR. She was enslaved by men of the defiant nation under Straydus Herodin. For years she labored in confinement, until the Scarlet Chorus and its Blood Chanters used her for experiments in perfecting rage magic. One day, the experiment went awry as possessed beasts fought their way out of the camp, under Reef-Talon's leadership. After fleeing her captors, she found Bastard's Wound, becoming the Wound's matriarch. Her natural talents in fighting Bane and navigating the labyrinthine Oldwalls allowed her to rise to the rank.

Unfortunately, the Oldwalls amplified her magic and with no training it was only a matter of time something went awry. Reef-Talon was a natural magic user, not needing other Archons to channel it and heal people - until she realized that her raw healing talent also resulted in sleeplessness in the people she cared about. Until then, she could intimidate Jaspos and Wagstaff into working together, but when others realized the plague of sleeplessness, her authority crumbled. Reef-Talon disappeared into the Oldwalls to sequester herself and the affected, so that the disease, as she calls it, could not spread.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character is involved in quests.

History of the Oldwalls: Part I and II

This character has other interactions.

If you permitted the Chorus to experiment on beasts in Stalwart, you can remark on it.

Quests[edit | edit source]

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