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Restore the Land

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Restore the Land
SPELL HealField L.png
Sigil of Life:
Sigil of Influential Domain: Spell affects targets in a circular area
Effect+10% maximum Health
Remove random hostile effect
Duration14s (field)
45s (health bonus)
Accent Sigils
Sigil of Strength: Provides an increase to spell strength, increasing the potency of most existing effects.
Sigil of Reaching Grasp: Increases the range of spells.
Sigil of Limitless Boundaries: Increases the area that a spell affects.
Sigil of Timeless Form: Increases the duration of spell's effects.
Sigil of Precise Action: Increases accuracy of spells.
Sigil of Cyclical Energies: Reduces the cooldown of spells.
Enhancement Sigils
Sigil of Spellsurge: -10% Recovery time (global) for 6s

Restore the Land is a Life spell in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

Create a healing field in a large area. Allies in the area have random hostile effects removed and have their maximum health increased.