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Rut-mate-slaughter is a popular beasts game.

Description[edit | edit source]

Is easy. Packmate chooses one for each - rut, mate, slaughter. If prey is chosen, pack joins ensuing hunt. If packmate is chosen, and both agree to game, then pack gets to watch.
~ Kills-in-Shadow

Party member sentiments[edit | edit source]

Rut, mate, slaughter, eh? Does it have to be three different people? I rutted with my old gang boss, Fine Ass. Mated him for a time. And then killed him. Of all my days running with the Chorus, I think I enjoyed Ass Gang the most.
~ Verse
Oh I get it! Ok, I'd rut Barik since Kyros' forces need a little pillage and rape in return. I'd mate with Verse, mostly to take half of whatever lands she's going to someday conquer. Obviously, I'd kill Lantry. Who wouldn't?
~ Eb
What? I'm old enough to be everyone's father! This is disgusting.
~ Lantry
::Barik looks at you and simply shakes his head in horror and disbelief.::
~ Barik
Um, wow. I appreciate being included in this little...well, I'm even sure what to really call this. It's not like any game I've ever played. But, I'm going to say 'nothing', and pretend like I haven't heard a word anyone said. And then I'm going to sing myself a little amnesia.
~ Sirin
How could Beastwoman choose any other? Would rut Eb, good and hard-hard-fast. Would mate Alpha. And would slaughter, cut-carve Barik to pieces. Slowly. Savoring while slicing flesh from neck. Yep-yep.
~ Kills-in-Shadow