Sage Lumosa

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Sage Lumosa
Sage Lumosa.png
Lumosa ico.png
General data
RoleSpire skill trainer
FactionsSages' Guild
LocationTraining Grounds Spire
Fatebinder! I may be here to offer my knowledge, but I shall forever be a student. Unfortunate results, but truly fascinating, wouldn't you agree? I hope you won't mind the occasional experiments. Of course, I'm here to provide you with whatever arcane knowledge you seek.

Sage Lumosa is a Spire recruit in Tyranny.

Background[edit | edit source]

A master trainer who teaches Control Frost, Control Lightning, Control Force, and Control Illusions, the sage before you is distracted, half-muttering to herself while clutching the half-burnt remains of a scroll. Her hands are in motion, tracing the curves of some unknown rune. You suddenly hear the high-pitched cry of a carrier raven as it plummets to the ground, its feathers completely burnt away.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character is a Spire recruit.

Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 20

This character trains skills. Regular trainers can train skills up to 75.

Control Frost, Control Lightning, Control Force, and Control Illusions.
Master trainer (teaches up to 150)

Inventory[edit | edit source]