Scarlet Fury

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Scarlet Fury
Leather helm chorus fury 01 L.png
General data
RoleSpecial forces
FactionsScarlet Chorus

Scarlet Furys are a Scarlet Chorus unit in Tyranny.


Scarlet Furies are the elite fighters of the Scarlet Chorus - distinguished by their graceful attacks and murderous persistence. Better armed and trained than most Chorus conscripts, the Furies are found among the vanguard of battle, their brutal displays of skill inspiring bloodlust in the masses, and fear in the enemy. Furies are trained to ignore pain and crippling wounds in order to achieve their goals. Scarlet Furies use a spinning, acrobatic attack style incorporating dual wielded blades to confuse and disorient their foes. Their closest equivalent would be special forces.


This character is a generic enemy.