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A Magic Guild (usually shortened to Guild) is an organized body of practitioners of magic. In Terratus, this usually refers to guilds sanctioned and chartered by Kyros, operating under imperial laws. The term is used empire-wide, with regional variations. For example, the equivalent term in the Tiers is School of Magic.

Imperial practice[edit | edit source]

Practitioners of the arcane arts must be sanctioned by one of Kyros' guilds, such as the Blood Chanters or Forge-Bound. Rogue magicians with a tenuous grasp of unknown powers will not be tolerated. A sanctioned mage whose spellcasting causes damage to life or property is lawfully deemed innocent. As long as they practiced their art in the service of Kyros, all is forgiven. Members of schools absorbed by sanctioned guilds automatically become sanctioned members. Eg. if the Tidecasters are absorbed by the Scarlet Chorus, Eb automatically becomes a Blood Chanter ex lege.

Guilds[edit | edit source]


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