Sigil of Life

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Sigil of Life
EffectHealing spells
Expression Sigils
Sigil of Focused Intent: Spell affects a single target nearby (touch-like)
Sigil of Distant Impact: Spell creates a ranged magical bolt, affecting the target and a small area around it
Sigil of Proximate Action: Spell creates an aura around the target
Sigil of Guarded Form: Spell affects target's armor
Sigil of Influential Domain: Spell affects targets in a circular area

Sigil of Life is a Core Sigil in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

Using the Sigil of Life infuses the target with the energy of the Orphan Midwife, Archon of Rebirth. All but the most serious wounds are healed by this arcane energy. Though the Orphan Midwife was powerful, her gifts were not suited to resisting the armies of Kyros. She was captured and chained, and her powers harnessed to serve Kyros' armies. Many chroniclers of Kyros' Empire believe her powers were the driving force behind the Empire's quick expansion.

Location[edit | edit source]