Sigil of Vigor

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Sigil of Vigor
EffectFriendly buffs
Expression Sigils
Sigil of Focused Intent: Spell affects a single target nearby (touch-like)
Sigil of Channeled Strength: Spell is cast in a cone originating from the caster
Sigil of Proximate Action: Spell creates an aura around the target
Sigil of Guarded Form: Spell affects target's armor
Sigil of Material Force: Spell affects target's weapon

Sigil of Vigor is a Core Sigil in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sigil of Vigor infuses a target with energy, enhancing the mind or body with greater power. Vigor can be highly addictive to weaker minds. Ambitious mages in Kyros' court have been known to use doses of Vigor to enthrall courtiers, building networks of power and influence based on their targets desperate need for one more spell.

Location[edit | edit source]