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Sirin talents

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Sirin, the Archon of Song, is an interesting case. She has three Talent trees, but the Song tree always unlock automatically as she gains levels.

Songs[edit | edit source]

Talent Effect Level required
Unlocked by default
Unlocked by default
Unlocked by default

Peace[edit | edit source]

Talent Effect Points required
Allies receive +20 to Dodge and Parry, +4 to Resolve 0
+50 Defense when disengaging 1
Allies receive +2 to Armor
Foes attacking affected allies deal -10% damage
+25% Singing speed 1
+20% Experience gain for all magic skills and Subterfuge 3
At beginning of combat:
+50% to Magic, Will, and Endurance defenses for allies in 5m radius
Remove a random hostile effect from allies in target cone 3
+2m Defensive song radius 3
+1 Breath retained for 300s 3
Immunity to engagement while not wearing heavy armor 6
Foes are frozen in target cone 6
+4m Defensive song radius 6
+2 Breath retained for 300s 6
Immunity to engagement and 100% Critical Hit deflection while not wearing heavy armor 9
Modifies Aria of Respite:
Allies revived with 32% Health in a 3m radius
Summons Embodied Memory 12

War[edit | edit source]

Talent Effect Points required
18-24 Crush damage vs. Dodge
Push foes back 8m
Shielded for 20 damage until damaged 1
Foes in target area are sundered 1
+25% Singing speed 1
+15 Offensive song accuracy bonus 3
Shielded for 50 damage until damaged 3
12-20 Arcane damage vs. Magic
Foes are strongly interrupted
+1 Breath at beginning of combat 3
On defeat:
Foes are weakened, dazed, and frightened in a 3m radius
Shielded for 80 damage until damaged 6
Foes are confused in target area 6
+2 Breath at beginning of combat 6
On hit:
-20% Damage on attacker
20-24 Shock damage vs. Dodge
Targets are sent prone and dazed
Aria bounces to 2 foes in a 5m radius
Summons Embodied Nightmare 12