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Songbird's Encore

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Songbird's Encore
SongbirdsEncore L.png
General data
0 vs. Slash/Crush/Pierce
6 vs. Fire/Frost/Shock/Corrode/Arcane
Effect+8 Accuracy
Falsetto: +1 starting breaths
AbilitiesResounding Crescendo: Sirin performs ancient music learned from the Oldwalls and the passage of the Archon of Stone. Her voice rolls over the battlefield in waves, breaking the bones and scrambling the wits of her enemies. The potency of these effects scale with Resounding Crescendo's Renown.

Songbird's Encore is an item in Bastard's Wound.

Description[edit | edit source]

Though the delicate clockwork constraining Sirin's head to this headdress remains as inscrutable as ever, she wears it more lightly, as if the burden of it has lessened. The gem at her brow catches the light and amplifies it before releasing it back into the world, pulsing in time with the Archon's songs.

Location[edit | edit source]