The Everwell

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The Everwell
Quest Azure Treasure.png
TypeQuest item
EffectUsed in Treasure Hunter

The Everwell is a quest item in Tyranny.

Description[edit | edit source]

This ancient and bejeweled skull is filled with ink, and the quantity never seems to diminish.

The morbid Everwell has passed through a number of hands throughout the course of its storied career. Its ultimate source is a mystery - the most popular of which tells of an Archon of Shadows who died by beheading, and who forever bled the substance of his arcane talent.

The Sages were the first to recognize the value of a bottomless inkwell - for profit as well as function. A competitive school of magic must have grown wise to the possibilities, because the inkwell vanished along with one of the Sages' newest recruits. Accusations were hurled and spies were dispatched in a quiet and spiteful conflict that later came to be known as the War of Academics. Many notable tomes of lore were either destroyed, copied, or stolen during this period. Throughout it all, the Everwell changed hands until it eventually landed in Azure, where its story abruptly halted.

Why was that? In 238, Sage Parsing Lark offended the Queen of Azure on a visit and never came back alive. Since the Everwell happened to be close enough to Azure in color to amuse the Queen, she kept the relic for herself, then used it to write the Sages a thank you note for the gift. They stole it back in 246, then somehow lost it again in 350 in a manner so humiliating and dimwitted that the Sages couldn't bring themselves to note why in the histories...

Rumors spread that a courier bearing the Everwell tripped and fell, spilling the ink into a crevasse that formed a lake under his feet and drowned him. Others say that the distant relatives of the skull's original owner reclaimed their ancestor's remains and hid them with his body. The truth is unknown - except that it disappeared together with Azure.

Location[edit | edit source]