The Fire Inside

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The Fire Inside
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Quest data
LocationMerchant Crossroads
Given ByAct II, automatic
RewardWeeping Whispers
Upgraded stances
Related quests
leads to:
The Third Degree

The Fire Inside is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Voices of Nerat provided you information regarding the identities of those responsible for the deaths of Verse's Scarlet Fury sisters. Help Verse track down the killers and attain some resolution.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Verse and give her the news (learning that she's illiterate on the way). Then head to Merchant Crossroads and talk to Melphora.
  • You have learned that Krokus, a man who has boasted about killing three Scarlet Furies in Apex during the Conquest, accepted work as a caravan guard for a merchant named Aesa. The caravan's scheduled route includes a stop at Hunter's Respite. Verse wants to confront Krokus there. Head there and find him to the northwest. You can use Athletics 57 to make two Bronzemen run away. Otherwise, no matter what you say, the confrontation ends in tears.
  • After confronting him, you will learn that Irissa, one of the Apex soldiers who destroyed Verse's gang, can be located among a group of Unbroken at the Torn Strand. Travel there with Verse to confront her. Talk to Diocles and receive Weeping Whispers.
  • It will turn out that Irissa is already dead after fighting in Trapper's Junction. Verse being Verse wants to visit her vengeance upon Irissa's sister Clea instead. Their family's farmstead is located at River's Break in Vendrien's Well.
  • Upon arriving and talking to Essa it turns out that Clea is dead too. Verse is taken aback by the woman's fierce disposition and... Behaves herself. The choice of what to do with her is yours. Killing or ordering Verse to kill Essa results in loss of Loyalty and gain of Fear. Letting Essa live gives a major loyalty boost with Verse and minor wrath with Tunon. Letting Verse pick results in a Very Major Loyalty gain and Minor Fear gain.
  • Doing so completes the quest.