The Voice of Kyros

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The Voice of Kyros
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Quest data
LocationMountain SpireTunon's Court
Given ByAutomatic
Related quests
Assault on the Citadel
The Oathbreakers
leads to:
A Trial of Archons
Into the Maelstrom (Disfavored)
Dissonance of War (Chorus)

The Voice of Kyros is a quest in Tyranny.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tunon is the voice for Kyros in the Tiers, and he'll want to know the specifics of what transpired in Vendrien's Well. He awaits your return to his court in the Bastard City.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The following assumes you immediately head to Tunon's Court, rather than deliberately tarrying.
  • Travel to Tunon's Court and approach the Archon of Justice. Relay to him what happened at Vendrien's Well, depending on who you sided with. Lie at your own peril.
  • If The Voices of Nerat revealed that he killed Ashe's son, you can mention that fact. Otherwise describe how the Archons couldn't agree on a course of action and relay the events (don't lie, it doesn't really work).
  • Next Tunon will question the conquest of Ascension Hall, asking you about tactics and the rationale behind choosing the specific faction.
    • If you sided with the Vendrien Guard, you can excuse yourself with Lore 36, pointing out that Kyros' will was upheld (the Edict dissipated) or Subterfuge 36, claiming you wanted to mitigate the losses. Last, you can just describe that you did what was necessary (incurring Tunon's wrath, since that is no real rationale).
  • Tunon will point you towards Lethian's Crossing and end the audience. Head upstairs to converse with him in private. He will task you with investigating the Archons and the insurgency.

Results[edit | edit source]