Thousand Embers

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Thousand Embers
General data
RoleArchon of Fire
FactionsSchool of Wild Wrath

One of the most influential but briefly-lived Archons born in the Tiers, Thousand Embers (26 TR - 73 TR), Archon of Fire had a knack for making things combust, and strong motivation to assist his fellow man - a fact of great relief to most, as none of the local lords could pay their soldiers enough to apprehend him had he cared to use his powers for extortion or destruction. Obsessed more with writing, he penned a number of exploring 'inner fire' (the human drive to eat, reproduce, and destroy), containing a great deal of introspection on his own use of fire. When he disappeared in 73 TR, it took all of three years for a cabal of mages to appear claiming to be the true inheritors of his power. This School of Wild Wrath had a rough understanding of Thousand Ember's command of fire, but rough was enough - fire is not a medium that calls for finesse.[1]

While the School of Wild Wrath have long told the story that Thousand Embers is literally living as a thousand embers, waiting to reconstruct himself when the time is right, a few of the Fatebinders who work very closely with Bleden Mark happen to know the Archon of Shadows made the rare gesture of inviting him three times to join with Kyros, before offering an ultimatum ending in 'or die.' [2]

When the Archon of Fire and patron of the School of Wild Wrath mysteriously disappeared (which is to say, Bleden Mark killed him in 73 TR), the School of Wild Wrath embarked on their famously unsuccessful Ritual of All Fires - an ill-fated attempt to conjure what magical essence remained of their fallen Archon and reconstitute said power within a series of bonfires. The Ritual of All Stones is adapted from this cautionary tale of a ritual, and as such is likely an attempt to transfer and reconstitute Cairn’s power and essence into a less transient vessel.[3]

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