Truth and Reconciliation

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Truth and Reconciliation
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Quest data
LocationBastard's WoundFractured Depths
Given ByLantry
RewardCircular Reason
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Truth and Reconcilliation
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Truth and Reconciliation is a quest in Bastard's Wound.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Chronicles of the School of Ink and Quill have been hidden deep within the Bastard's Wound Oldwalls. Help Lantry find and reassemble them.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The quest triggers automatically when talking to Mell. Bring Lantry to him and then you'll be able to search the Wound for Lexeme's Chronicles.
  • They are located in the following areas (Lantry must approach the rubble, as they have been disguised by Lexeme).
    • Bastard's Wound farm: In the pigsty. The old concealed texts in a pile of pig shit classic! This one contains a record of Lantry arguing that Kyros already conquered the tiers - with Subterfuge 61 you can point out the fresh ink where Lexeme argues that Lantry received a standing ovation, instead of being smacked in the head and told to shut up.
    • Fractured Depths: After draining the lower level with the Lazu beacon, reach the platform in the southeast after finding the Cymo torchkey. It has plenty of information, including Kyros' Harem. You can use Lore 59 to inform Lantry what it is: Imperial champion day one, three top consorts the next day, then nine conquered heirs, then three nights of nine concubines each night, then nine nights of nine slaves each night. Simple! It's actually a thought problem to teach geometric progression to census takers and seneschals (outside the Northern Empire, of course).
    • Darkened Hollow: Found in the locked room in the western submerged area. It's mostly a chronicle of local festivals and celebrations. You can page through it yourself and use Lore 56 or Subterfuge 61 to point out something that stands out: The festival of Nerat or pages written on fresh parchment. Lantry will be troubled by evidence of tampering in the chronicle.
    • Eventually, you will find Lexeme at The Abyss. Lexeme will implore you to save her Chronicle and the writing, arguing that they present a decadent society that fell before the might of Kyros due to arrogance and hubris. She will also provide the Tanza torchkey that unlocks the southernmost floorplate (near the first teleporter) and gives you access to the last chronicle. This chronicles grain yields, Ardent Peace Accords, and even Tiersmen invoking the name of Graven Ashe to give them strength. Wait, what? Lantry will ask you to talk to Lexeme.
  • She will explain her motivations and the desire to use the Chronicle to save Tiersman lives. Lantry will begrudgingly agree with that reasoning... Eventually, and Lexeme will submit to your judgement. You can execute her, spare her, or punish her by demanding she research and aid the sleepless condition. The reward is Circular Reason.